Color Liquid Sorting

A new sorting game awaits you in Color Liquid Sorting. We mixed a multi-colored liquid in flasks, but so. So that it does not turn into a homogeneous mass of an incomprehensible color. Each layer is separate and you can pour it into a free-standing container. The task is to ensure that the flasks contain a solution of the same color. You should get rid of the layers by pouring them wherever you see fit. You will always have empty dishes in stock to avoid mistakes. At each level, the number of flasks and the set of colors will increase. You will have to make many moves before you get the desired result in Color Liquid Sorting.

How do you play Color Liquid Sorting?

Mouse click or tap to play

Who is the maker of Color Liquid Sorting?

Color Liquid Sorting is created by New Kids Games. check out their other games on Traffic Speed Racing , Angry Birds Go! Hidden Stars , Soviet Cars Differences .