Impostor Survivor vs Zombies

Have fun with this new game Impostor Survivor vs Zombies is a game full of dangerous zombies who are ready to attack the city. You will have to take on the heroic mantle of saving the city as a human warrior with unlimited potential, you and other survivors will have to take up arms and fight against these zombies. evil and dangerous zombies.

Help your little Impostor to survive this zombie apocalypse and improve all his features to be a powerful hero.

How do you play Impostor Survivor vs Zombies?

-Fight over 1000 monsters at once and exterminate them!
-Clear the map with one hand controls!
-All-new roguelite skill experience with unlimited combinations
-Feel the heat of each new stage with different difficulties

PC controls:
Use the mouse to move
Mobile and Tablet Controls:
Touch the screen without letting go and move

Who is the maker of Impostor Survivor vs Zombies?

Impostor Survivor vs Zombies is created by check out their other games on Rainbow Rocket Ninja , Revenge , Titan Swamp Attack .