Missile Escape. Jet Era

Missile Escape. Jet Era is a simple, fast and addictive game where your mission is to eliminate all the homing rockets that comes toward you with the one purpose: shooting you down!
Use the simple flight control to fly your airplane and avoid the missiles. Make them collide with each other and collect stars to increase the final score.
Missile Escape: Jet Era features :
- Exciting arcade gameplay;
- Four game modes;
- Collect stars to raise your final tokens quantities and unlock new planes;
- Make the rockets collide with each other to increase the final score;
- Survive as long as possible to gain more score;
- If the plane are hit,

How do you play Missile Escape. Jet Era?

Use the keys A and D or arrows to control to fly your airplane and avoid the missiles.
For mobile devices used bittons left and right on the screen.

Who is the maker of Missile Escape. Jet Era?

Missile Escape. Jet Era is created by MadTol Games. check out their other games on JFsky.com: Air Combat. Alien Invasion , Garden Rush. Vegetables Escape , Idle Space Tower Defence .