Noob VS Evil Granny

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped! She is missing for a few days now.
Police didn't do anything about it. Looks like you need to take an action. Find and rescue her.
That night you got a mysterious letter that says.
'I god her. She is in the abandoned house on the outskirts of the city! Come rescue her, if you have courage?'

How do you play Noob VS Evil Granny?

W A S D to walk around
Mouse to Look around
Left Mouse Button to Fire
Right Mouse Button to Aim
Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
G for Grenades
R to Reload
F to Pickup Items
Left Shift to Run

Who is the maker of Noob VS Evil Granny?

Noob VS Evil Granny is created by check out their other games on World Of Fighters: Iron Fists , Slenderman Must Die: Hell Fire , Danygames Crazy Car Stunts .