Princes of Light

Princes of Light is a very fun co-op game.
The objective is to find the orbs and if they collide so that the door is open to proceed, many challenges await you inside the castle.
The game is ready to be published on your website. Just take the html5 files and upload them to your server. This is very simple!

How do you play Princes of Light?

Single player: Use arrow keys to move / C – Jump / X – Attack / Z - Exchange
Co-op – Player 1: Use AD to move / B – Attack / V – Jump
Co-op – Player 2: Use arrow keys to move / nub 3 – Attack / nub 2 – Jump

Who is the maker of Princes of Light?

Princes of Light is created by Renan Games. check out their other games on Infinity Star Squadron , The Sword Knight , Rolling The Ball .