Roll and Escape

About the game
Welcome to the thrilling adventure of Roll and Escape! As a ball-like character in this game, you’ll find yourself navigating through challenging maze levels. Each level introduces different monsters, each with unique abilities and elements.
Your Mission
Navigate through the maze, evade the pursuing monsters, and reach the magical hole at the end of each level. Entering this hole completes the level, unlocking the gateway to the next challenging escapade. Be cautious—monsters are hot on your trail, and each possesses distinct skills that can put you in a tight spot.

How do you play Roll and Escape?

Click and Drag anywhere to apply relative force to the player.

Who is the maker of Roll and Escape?

Roll and Escape is created by LimitGames. check out their other games on Circuitry of the Dead , Jetpack Meteorfall , Mistake Mania .