Super Ninja Plumber

“Ninja Plumber” is an action-adventure game with a super cute retro style! You play a plumber who transforms into a Ninja to save the mushroom world. Beat the levels and defeat the stone boss to complete your mission! A game with a retro soundtrack that goes very well with the pixel art graphics. Have a good fun!

How do you play Super Ninja Plumber?

A or D / Left or Right Arrow = Walk
W or S / Up or Down Arrow = Ladders
S / Down Arrow = Crouch
Z / K = Jump
X / L = Shuriken
* Gamepad Compatible
Touch Buttons on Screen

Who is the maker of Super Ninja Plumber?

Super Ninja Plumber is created by Red Diamond Games. check out their other games on Crypto Plinko , Scary Maze 3D , Kill The Zombies 3D .