The Lost Joystick

They stole your joystick… but they don’t know who you are!
You will do everything to get it back
In this psychedelic pixel-artish platformer, you have to jump around the levels looking for coins and keys, killing monsters and avoiding traps . Simple as that.

How do you play The Lost Joystick?


Use Arrow keys: to jump move left and right or go down from a platform
use ASD to move and spacebar to jump

ESC: Pause the game

Click on the music note: Music on/off

Click on the speaker: SFX on/off


Left Analog / D-pad : to move left and right or go down
A button: jump

Right Shoulder Button: Music on/off

Left Shoulder Button: SFX on/off

Who is the maker of The Lost Joystick?

The Lost Joystick is created by Catom Games. check out their other games on Two Cups , Crazy Plane Shooter , Boing Bang .