Tile Farm Story: Matching Game

Are you tired of your dull daily routine? Discover the magical world of the remote corners of the Earth where life is in harmony with nature. Help the heroines in the game build parks and nature reserves in the most exotic countries and populate them with the greatest variety of animals. But first, they will have to solve the mystery of the inheritance that the Stone sisters were left by their mysterious Grandpa.
Farm Story is an exciting adventure game that will give your brain cells a challenge you’ll unable to tear yourself away from! This tile collecting game is a fresh take on the standard rules of Mahjong which will test your skill

How do you play Tile Farm Story: Matching Game?

Mouse click or tap to play

Who is the maker of Tile Farm Story: Matching Game?

Tile Farm Story: Matching Game is created by Rainbow Games. check out their other games on JFsky.com: Emerland Solitaire , Magic Solitaire , Solitaire Crime Stories .