Anigirls Wonderful Clicker

Lots of anime girls are waiting for you! Click on the heroines and earn coins to improve your loot and unlock new anime girls! Nice soundtrack, relaxing atmosphere and simple gameplay in one game!
Can you open all anime girls?

How do you play Anigirls Wonderful Clicker?

Click on the character to earn coins. Earned coins can be spent on two things:
- Improve click - increases earnings per click
- Improve the character - increases all earnings (at the beginning the result is weak, but later it increases the influx of coins many times over), and also allows you to open new characters (every 10 levels).
It is also possible to enable auto-click for 60 seconds for viewing ads

Who is the maker of Anigirls Wonderful Clicker?

Anigirls Wonderful Clicker is created by Isonia Universe.