Humans Rescue

Pete young astronaut who passed special training and is now traveling through space exploring different planets. As the flying and making the orbit of a planet continents shooting her, he noticed that he got something in the engine. His ship team consisting of scientists in the special rescue capsule landed on the planets surface. Our hero was able to crash land his spaceship to the planets surface while inflicting minimal damage. Some weeks he spent for ship repair, and finally he was able to fix it. As soon as the ships systems to run our hero saw on the radar signals rescue beacons. Now he will not only have a flight home, but also flying over the surface of the planet, because he has to save his team. And youre in the game The rescue Rocket will help him in this. You will manage a flying rocket and assemble a team scattered across the planet. Other features of the relief will disturb you in this. So you have to be as focused and attentive that you would all work out. We believe that you will cope with all and in the end will be able to fly home. Game The rescue Rocket is a very interesting and funny game scenario.

How do you play Humans Rescue?

Use mouse or touch on the screen!

Who is the maker of Humans Rescue?

Humans Rescue is created by Play Games. check out their other games on Fruits System , Monster and Candy , Boat Action .