Off Road Hill Climbing Race

Off-Road Hill Climbing Race isn’t your typical car-driving game—it’s a thrilling transform-running arcade racing experience. As you race against AI opponents, you’ll need to switch between various military units. Only the right form will let you speed ahead on the corresponding terrain. Our shop features 15 characters and a variety of vehicles: 6 bikes, 6 Jeeps, 6 jets, 6 helicopters, 6 trucks, and 6 hang gliders—all ready for you to unlock and use. While they don’t provide extra buffs, I’m confident you’ll secure first place across all levels. Let the race begin!

How do you play Off Road Hill Climbing Race?

Tap buttons = transform

Who is the maker of Off Road Hill Climbing Race?

Off Road Hill Climbing Race is created by check out their other games on Off Road Overdrive , Taxi Driver Simulator , Hobo Speedster .